The power to put your customer data to work

Unify, organize, and leverage your data to unlock better business results.

What is customer data management?

The most effective marketing is personalized and customer data is essential to making it happen. Most CDPs stop at unifying all your data, without empowering you to act on it through campaign orchestration.

Challenges marketers face

Your data is fragmented


You have no way to act on your data

You’re facing long integration times

How Simon can help

We purpose-built our platform with marketer flexibility in mind. Our powerful CDP unifies all of your data across every channel, and gives you the ability to run multiple simultaneous experiments to build the best possible customer experiences for your brand.

Options for creating a dataset in Simon

Unlock your customer data

The sky is the limit. Collect all of your real-time, historical, and content data in one place. Integrate enterprise data warehouses, mobile analytics platforms, customer support portals, as well as your website and APIs and make it actionable.


Take action on your data

Data is the name of the game. Build detailed, insights-driven customer segments that are specific to your business needs and send triggered messages across marketing channels populated with dynamic content.

Dashboard for creating a customer segement in Simon
Dashboard for creating a customer segement in Simon

Take action on your data

Your audience matters. Whether you need to build a new relationship or revive an old one, Simon allows you to build detailed customer segments that are specific to your business needs and leverage them on new or existing marketing channels without waiting on your data or analytics team.

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Brant Cebulla

Director of CRM | Vivino

“Simon helps us simplify the data stemming from over 30 million users into actionable segments and automations. I love how they handle our data, allow us to easily work, and drive revenue for Vivino.”

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