Make every subscriber a long-time subscriber

Create unique experiences to ensure subscribers renew every month.

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Trusted by customer marketing teams at

The Farmer's Dog
Catch Co

Build 1:1 relationships with subscribers

  • Access unified customer profiles to support complex subscriber segments.
  • Deliver personalized experiences across multi-brand subscriptions with minimal engineering resources.
  • Turn free trial users into long-time subscribers through hyper-targeted messaging and recommendations.

Reduce subscription churn

  • Identify customers who are likely to churn so you can deliver a 1:1 experience that keeps them from leaving.
  • Reward your most loyal customers with personalized and impactful offers.
  • Use multivariate testing and deep customer insights to improve the subscriber journey.

Reactivate lost subscribers

  • Reach more lost subscribers on paid media channels with Match+ and win them back with the right promo.
  • Track and analyze all activities leading up to a cancellation to discover new ways to optimize the experience.
"The customer success team is the best I've ever worked with - responsive, knowledgeable about our business, and as invested in our success as we are."
Julie Carney
Senior Marketing Manager at Catch Co.
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“Simon Data's team is unparalleled. We switched from Salesforce Marketing Cloud and the customer service experience is night and day. Instead of submitting tickets and waiting for a response, we're in daily communication with their team, working together to solve problems. They feel like core members of our marketing team.”
“I've been impressed with the speed and competence of customer service. Not only do they quickly help us troubleshoot any issues as they arise, but they proactively flag potential issues with our data. This has been a huge help for our lean, hands-on team.