How ASOS generated $77.5MM in incremental revenue

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Incremental revenue
Customer profiles updated daily
Products used for personalized
E-Commerce, Fashion, Retail
Simon CDP


ASOS is an online retailer for fashion-loving 20-somethings around the world, with a purpose to give its customers the confidence to be whoever they want to be.


ASOS, an e-commerce fashion and cosmetics retailer primarily serving young adults and millennials (ages 16-34) — a demographic that highly values the customer experience — needed a marketing program to reach their shoppers with personalized content on multiple channels and throughout various points of the customer journey.

To achieve this, ASOS knew they required a platform that would allow them to harness the breadth of their data to create a single view of each customer and use this to power a superior customer experience.

ASOS’s first priority in providing a stellar customer experience was to adopt integrated, cross-channel marketing. Before Simon, channel-specific data was siloed in different systems, so ASOS had no way to orchestrate a cohesive marketing experience across channels for their shoppers. 

The second area of focus was to enable a responsive marketing strategy to increase shopper engagement and conversion, and they looked to Simon’s platform to improve these metrics.


To implement an integrated and cross-channel marketing strategy, Simon integrated with multiple third-party vendors and ASOS systems to collect and combine customer data to provide a single view of each customer, resulting in:

  • A cohesive multi-channel marketing experience for the customer
  • Improved 1:1 personalization in marketing content across platforms
  • Advanced experimentation for cross-channel and customer-based testing that shows true campaign lift
“With Simon Data, we unlocked the ability to unify all of our customer data and cohesively orchestrate customer experience across our marketing channels. This allowed us to increase our sales by improving how we interact with our customers and enhancing our understanding of their needs.”

Ash Fisher
Head of Technology at ASOS

Next, to increase shopper engagement and conversion, Simon enabled ASOS to trigger push notifications in response to a shopper’s activity in-app. Simon was also able to leverage livestream website and app data to trigger emails for shoppers who abandoned browsing, encouraging shoppers to return with personalized product recommendations while they were in the early consideration phase of their journey.

“We want our customers to feel like we know them. The key is to try to show that we’ve got something for everyone.”

Louise Dam
CRM Strategy & Loyalty Lead at ASOS


With Simon Data’s category-shifting data and marketing platform, ASOS was able to harness its data to its full potential and take major steps toward making its customer marketing program more personalized, responsive, and effective. 


Incremental revenue


Customer profiles updated daily and campaign-ready


Products used for personalized