Unlock the power of your customer data.

Simon Data is the Customer Data Platform that enables you to drive marketing results faster with a solution purpose built for growth.

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A platform that reimagines the way you work

Better for Tech Teams

Take full advantage of your data investments by seamlessly integrating with downstream applications. Save time supporting marketing while driving even more value.

50% reduction in time-to-campaign

Better for Marketing

Work faster with cutting-edge, no-code tools that enable personalization, complex experimentation, and the delivery of connected customer experiences on any channel.

+ 200% Incremental Revenue

Better for Your Goals

We were purpose-built to deliver results. With data and cross-channel orchestration in a single platform, marketers can automate winning, hyper-personalized experiences.

3x Increase in Campaign Engagement

Building seamless customer experiences starts here

Trusted by the strategic marketers at disruptors and the world's largest brands.

Ash Fisher

Customer Communications & Content

“With Simon Data, we unlocked the ability to unify all of our customer data and cohesively orchestrate customer experience across our marketing channels. This allowed us to increase our sales by improving how we interact with our customers and enhancing our understanding of their needs.”


Increase in revenue following a three-month customer messaging pilot program

Jake Bodmer

Director, CRM Marketing

"Simon Data has been a huge part of our success and has enabled our marketing team to solve challenges quickly and allows us to focus more time on our most important tasks. They allowed us to grow quickly with a scrappy team."


See how partnering with Simon allowed Canary to achieve a 5.3% winback conversion rate

Brant Cebulla

Senior Director of CRM

"Simon helps us simplify the data stemming from over 30 million users into actionable segments and automations. I love how they handle our data, allow us to easily work with top tier marketing tools, and drive revenue for Vivino."


Vivino increased email revenue by 200% with Simon

Frances Comey

Retention Marketing Manager

"Simon effectively enabled us to three-fold our campaign volume during the holidays while maintaining a high resolution of message targeting."


Simon enabled a three-fold increase campaign volume during the holidays

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Trigger growth across the customer lifecycle

See how ASOS combines the data flexibility and ease of integration of a CDP with the orchestration capabilities required to deliver relevant, seamless, and timely messages.

Customer-centricity isn't a philosophy.
It's a technical and operational capability.

To succeed in building great experiences, you need to seamlessly integrate the 3 core components of trusted relationships:

Data Sources
  • Data Warehouse
  • Analytics / BI
  • Web Events
  • Email Engagement
  • POS
  • Discounts & Promos
  • In-Store Behavior
  • Customer Support
  • Geo / Third Party
  • Predictive Models
  • Product Catalogue

using any source


with centralized decisioning

  • Ad Networks
  • Email
  • Web/App
  • SMS
  • Push Notifications
  • Customer Support
  • Marketing Automation
  • More

consistently in any channel

Combine the CDP’s data flexibility and ease of integration with the orchestration capabilities required to deliver a seamless, future-proof customer experience that connects.

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