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Streamline the traveler’s journey

  • Access unified customer profiles and create advanced segments in a no-code UI.
  • Orchestrate personalized multi-channel marketing campaigns from one place.
  • Launch multivariate experiments to identify the optimal path to successful booking.

Convert more browsers to buyers

  • Leverage real-time event data for price drop alerts, low inventory alerts, and other personalized offers.
  • Improve abandonment search and cart campaigns by matching unauthenticated website traffic to your known users.
  • Seed your core customer segments to paid media for enhanced lookalike audiences.

Get them to book with you every time

  • Send special offers to loyalty members or frequent travelers based on previous transaction and engagement data.
  • Use machine learning models to recommend their next destination or predict a churn to send the right deal.
  • Crossell and upsell seats, flights, rooms and more at just the right moment.
"The customer success team is the best I've ever worked with - responsive, knowledgeable about our business, and as invested in our success as we are."
Julie Carney
Senior Marketing Manager at Catch Co.
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“Simon Data's team is unparalleled. We switched from Salesforce Marketing Cloud and the customer service experience is night and day. Instead of submitting tickets and waiting for a response, we're in daily communication with their team, working together to solve problems. They feel like core members of our marketing team.”
“I've been impressed with the speed and competence of customer service. Not only do they quickly help us troubleshoot any issues as they arise, but they proactively flag potential issues with our data. This has been a huge help for our lean, hands-on team.