How to prepare your data for a composable CDP

October 5, 2023
On Demand

Today’s data-driven organizations are scaling to new heights with a composable CDP. Unlike their packaged counterparts, composable CDPs have a modular and flexible architecture that perform real-time data processing and analysis while building their tools around the data warehouse, keeping the data warehouse as the central source of truth.

Thinking about making the switch? Before you do, there’s some important pre-work that needs to get done.In this webinar with Brooklyn Data Co., we discuss what a composable CDP is and how it differs from a packaged and connected CDP, and we do a deep dive into the 3 essential steps needed to prep your data for composability.

Step 1: Ensure data accuracy by identifying your golden customer record, defining quality metrics, and choosing the right tools.

Step 2: Maintain data accuracy by cleaning your data and enriching your "golden record"

Step 3: Stay compliant by considering PII data handling and access, and ensuring your data warehouse meets compliance standards

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