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We used to say the pace of change was accelerating, but today that feels like an understatement. The pandemic accelerated tech-enabled businesses by years in a matter of months. Subscription businesses, marketplaces, omni-channel retail, and FinTech businesses today struggle to keep up with consumers, to leverage AI and data effectively, and to innovate faster without causing a burden (or bottleneck) on developer teams.

Simon Data enables marketers to transform data into outcomes: accelerating growth and creating breakthrough customer experiences that deliver results. In this webinar, you’ll learn how to:

  • Turn Data into Insights — New predictive models and the ability to leverage them through new Audience & Dynamic Content APIs enable marketers to make every program better: from segmentation to personalization.
  • Turn Insights into Actions — The New Simon Journeys and Simon Mail enable your team to create personalized, cross-channel journeys that boost performance while easing campaign prioritization and versioning.
  • Turn Actions into Results — Marketing executives, directors, and managers all gain fast time to value through Smarter with Simon: a new offering that helps everyone work smarter with Smart Insights, Smart Segments, and Smart Journeys.

And so much more… Join us on November 4th at 1pm ET / 10am PT for a 50 minute webinar to learn more!

Webinar Hosts

Ariel Zahler
Director, Sales Engineering
Simon Data

Gabby Glumac
Product Marketing Manager
Simon Data

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