How Betterment Disrupts through Understanding Customers

Webinar Recording

Financial service institutions are in the middle of a perfect storm:

  • COVID-related forbearance presaging outstanding delinquency rates
  • Digital-native challenger brands redefining every service category experience
  • Big Tech further disrupting with new offerings from the likes of Apple and Facebook
  • Decreasing switching-cost friction for your legacy-brand customers, many of whom are facing financial hardships

To succeed, leaders must develop agility as a core competency and redefine how data, technology, and processes are integrated across business units, functions, channels, and journeys.

This webinar explores this mission-critical topic with Katherine Kornas, VP of Growth at Betterment, Simon Data’s Financial Services Director of Client Development, Whitney Hudson and Josh Neckes, Simon’s President & Co-Founder:

  1. A behind-the-scenes case study. Hear how the Simon Data team has successfully partnered with and navigated digital transformation with challenger brands like Betterment and F500 Financial Services companies alike.
  2. Pillars for success. The six components necessary for driving transformation at an enterprise organization.
  3. Rethinking Transformation. Q&A discussion around how your peers are rethinking and accelerating transformation efforts.

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