Simon Solves for Personalization with New CDP Features & Products 

Launch of Innovative New Capabilities and Extension of Market-Leading CDP Empowers Brands to Bring Dynamic Customer Experiences to Market Faster and Drive Business Results 


Today, we announced the launch of two new products and a major expansion of Simon’s industry-leading CDP. These enhancements will help digitally native and growth-minded companies deliver next-generation customer experiences. This expands upon our core focus of enabling hyper-personalized and omnichannel customer marketing. Above all, this product fully unlocks customer data for the needs of today’s modern marketing team. There are many complex data challenges faced by customer-focused, growth-oriented brands. Consequently, Simon’s new suite of capabilities expedite a marketer’s time to value. It seamlessly integrates real-time and historical first-party data across its numerous tools and sources into a unified, comprehensive platform.

Simon’s cross-channel marketing platform enables CMOs and CTOs to have deeper aligned partnerships, eliminating the blocks between engineers, data analysts and scientists, and those in operational marketing roles. As a result, this next-generation technology helps marketing leaders transform AI and data investments into results and outcomes. Furthermore, it enables marketing teams to affect highly personalized interactions through advanced experimentation, iterative workflows, and a powerful optimization toolkit.

Simon Data CDP architecture overview

Simon Data’s CDP architecture was created to make omnichannel marketing simple for all.

“Simon Data is charging forward to enable marketers to fully activate their data. This is what we believe to be the future of marketing systems and CDP.  We are bridging technology, workflows, and data science to automate processes that drive better results,” said Jason Davis, CEO & co-founder of Simon Data. 

The CDP features two new products and enhanced capabilities within Simon Predict for its market-leading CDP product. 

A preview of Simon Mail, Simon's very own ESP.

The new Simon Mail makes email campaigns easy for marketers from design to execution and everything in between.

The latest edition includes:

  • Simon Journeys The newly redesigned Simon Journeys helps marketers quickly brainstorm, build, and version customer experiences. In addition, it features tools that target and personalize content across channels, using Simon’s deep data to optimize content delivery. 
  • Simon Mail This ESP is differentiated from legacy email tools that require marketers to manage everything from data integrations to personalization. Moreover, Simon Mail automates processes to help email marketers boost revenue per email, build eye-popping dynamic content, and access world-class campaign metrics and deliverability reporting.
  • Simon PredictDelivering predictive models for every marketer to build better messaging and campaigns, it integrates machine learning capabilities. Subsequently, it delivers transparent customer insights and injects predictive intelligence directly into the workflows of CRM, cross-channel, lifecycle, and end-channel marketers. As a result, this makes every interaction more relevant while boosting sales and revenue.

New supporting CDP features include: 

  • Audience API – A highly personalized way for marketers to create unique customer experiences across channels.
  • Real-Time Content – An external API that enables relevant, up-to-the-minute data personalization for relevant messaging. 
  • Snowflake Data Share – An easy way to flexibly export data from Simon to BI tools for additional analysis outside of Simon.
  • Smart Segments, Journeys, and Insights – Designed to empower marketers to deploy strategies quickly, leverage best practices and deliver better performance.  

“By investing in developing these next-generation tools and CDP features, we’re providing our clients with powerful solutions. They speed up the delivery of unique and effective messaging to reduce churn, increase revenue, and discover new audiences,” said Davis

To learn more, register for the Turn Data into Outcomes – Think Smarter. Act Faster. Be More Effective. webinar on November 4 at 1pm ET / 10am PT. 

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