With Simon at the center of every touchpoint, customer experience becomes a driver of value.

Audience Management

Increase marketing efficiency and decrease operational workflow complexity.


Ingest and unify your data from anywhere

Accelerate campaigns, enable rapid iteration, and eliminate operational inefficiencies

Trigger marketing

Enhance your campaigns with hyper-personalization and real-time messages

Maximize the output of your technology

Leverage the data you have under a single, intuitive user interface and supercharge your workflow

Email Marketing

Scalable, fully managed end to end email service provider within the Simon Platform.


Simon Mail

Automate processes to boost revenue per email, build dynamic content, and access campaign metrics & reporting

Reporting and insights

Aggregate and campaign level reporting across engagement, conversion, and delivery metrics

Speedy email workflows

Reusable & configurable segments, recurring mailings, and trigger messages to get campaigns into market faster

Customer Identity

Unify disaggregated customer data into a single profile view and expand your audience reach by deterministically resolving unauthenticated users.


Expand 1st-party data

Identify customers with unique identifiers and merge unknown customer profiles at an identifying event

Streamline profile management

Automate customer profiles, using flexible rules to manage groupings and contact policies

Resolve customer identities

Deterministically match anonymous web traffic with known first-party data to amplify audience reach

Cross-Channel Orchestration

Manage the holistic customer experience to build better relationships.


Coordinate journeys across any channel

Email, SMS, push, ad channels, customer support, onsite personalization, and more

Orchestration and automation 

Fully orchestrate and automate the customer journey across all your tools and end channels

Long-term flexibility

Futureproof your stack with a vendor and ecosystem-agnostic approach

Predictive Models

Boost performance in every marketing program without requiring the sacrifice of time or treasure traditionally required.


Likelihood to purchase

Score each customer’s likelihood to buy to influence a tailored customer journey

Churn propensity

Identify customers who are likely to churn for hyper-segmented outreach

Product recommendations

Select products or content relevant to an individual for even greater personalization

Testing & Experimentation

Understand your performance with comprehensive reports and summaries.


Segmentation enabled across journeys

Build dynamic segments based on browsing behavior, email engagement, historic LTV and purchase history

Improve customer retention and LTV

Use all of your data for highly targeted, hyper personalized segmentation

Take the guesswork out of testing

Track your marketing efforts and showcase experiments to deliver actionable feedback

Reports & Insights

Connect all the dots between customer actions to deliver a comprehensive view of your marketing efforts.


Campaign engagement

Deliver a comprehensive view of campaign activity and conversions

Usage and deliverability

Metrics that show you messages sent and deliverability across channels


Build benchmarks and find the most impactful campaign tweaks

Simon is purpose-built to ensure that what the customer wants is never lost.

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