Amplify your paid media reach by 5X

Match more customers across more paid media channels to give your ROAS a huge boost—in time for the cookieless era. 

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Boost ROAS with two key identifiers

Match+ enriches your first-party data with additional hashed email addresses (HEMs) and mobile ad IDs (MAIDs) per customer, increasing your ability to match them on paid channels and deliver personalized content that results in greater ROAS.

Use Match+ on these advertising channels:

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Expand your advertising reach

  • Add an average of 5 more HEMs and MAIDs to each customer profile
  • Match more customers across advertising channels
  • Reduce your cookie use with more valuable identifier

Reduce wasted ad spend

  • Boost retention by engaging with more matched customers in their preferred channel
  • Match more of your high-value customers to create more accurate lookalikes
  • Suppress more customers from irrelevant campaigns

Capture more customer insights

  • Learn more about each customer’s online behaviors and communication preferences
  • Optimize your campaigns with insights from a larger pool of engagement data

Customers are seeing match rate
lifts up to 43%

24% match rate lift for one customer apparel company

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Customers found
6.8 million -
75% match rate
Customers found
AFTER Match+
8.4 million -
93% match rate

43% match rate lift for one online
food company

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Customers found
2.5 million -
75% match rate
Customers found
AFTER Match+
3.5 million -
93% match rate

Privacy-safe data sharing

Match+ works directly through a secure connection with Simon Data, enabling real-time, privacy-safe data sharing that ensures proper governance of PII.

Hashed emails help protect a person’s identity and PII, establishing clear ethical and privacy boundaries. HEMs act as a privacy-safe, pseudonymous tracking mechanism across channels and devices, securely measuring engagements as a user logs in to a website, social media, or platform.

Because users can reset their MAID, they maintain control over their usage and help protect their privacy.