How BARK drove a 97% lift in YoY revenue per user

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Lift in YoY revenue per user
Increase in campaign volume
customer view
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Simon CDP, Journeys


Founded in 2011, BARK loyally serves dogs nationwide with themed toys and treats subscriptions, BarkBox and BARK Super Chewer; custom product collections through its retail partner network, including Target and Amazon; its high-quality, nutritious meals made for your breed with BARK Food; and products that meet dogs’ dental needs with BARK Bright®.


​​To continue its remarkable growth, BARK was looking for an efficient and effective way to leverage its customer data to reactivate lost customers. Before working with Simon, BARK had been doing one-off database pulls to drive their reactivation efforts. The process was time-consuming, unwieldy, and stressful. Furthermore, the disparate nature of their data – across MixPanel, Recurly, Delighted, and its data warehouse – compromised BARK’s ability to run efficient retention and reactivation campaigns. 


BARK leveraged Simon to segment subscribers who recently canceled subscriptions and then ran a series of experiments spanning several reactivation cycles to identify optimal strategies across messaging, timing, and promotional offers. 

Simon empowered the BARK team to easily run complex A/B tests that measured the long-term effects of discounting on downstream revenue. Additionally, Simon’s cohort-based results analysis enabled them to think about results holistically.

“Before Simon, our reactivations required custom data requests and then careful spreadsheet munging to incorporate all necessary criteria and exclusions lists. Given this operational burden, it was impossible to think about optimizing the process.”

Frances Comey
Head of Retention at BARK


Simon not only empowered the BARK team to hit their holiday sales goals but also effectively enabled a three-fold increase in their campaign volume during the holidays while maintaining a high velocity of messaging, leading to a 97% increase in revenue per user.


Lift in YoY revenue per user


Increase in campaign volume

customer view