July 12, 2021
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Get a 360 Degree Customer View with a CDP


Customer segmentation: how a customer data platform enables the 360 degree customer view

The world of marketing - especially personalized marketing - can be an incredibly mysterious place, even for seasoned veterans of the craft. Why did this text message campaign work while the second one bombed? What changed in the wider view of the company’s marketing strategy when the website was refreshed and updated? Why is all of our data scattered over multiple channels, documents, and programs? What is a 360 view of a customer, and will we ever achieve it?Aligning customer data and end-channel orchestration in a single place gives you something incredibly valuable, something akin to a unified customer view: you get a 360 degree customer view of your marketing efforts. What is customer 360 view? It’s a centralized collection of all of your customers’ data, from basic age and gender information to purchase history and ad interactions.How is this possible, especially in the snarl of marketing that so many companies struggle with today? The answer is by using customer data platform software. But what does a customer data platform do, and what is a CDP in marketing? When properly used by companies, customer data platform capabilities include allowing marketers to independently use data for modeling, segmentation, targeting, testing, and other marketing functions. Customer data platform features allow all customer data to be stored, organized, and labeled in one central location as opposed to multiple locations that may or may not sync with one another. A CDP for marketing sets the stage for achieving a 360 view of customer data. Let’s take a closer look at how this is done and the benefits of a 360 customer view.

Know your customers like never before with a customer data platform

In the world before the customer data platform, massive marketing teams had minimal overlap in the platforms where they spent most of their time. The sole exception in the best of cases might be your project management platform. A 360 degree customer view was nothing but a pipe dream. Instead, visibility into ongoing campaigns and projects was limited to weekly stand ups or brief meetings when people could make them happen. In most cases, it was opaque. When companies utilize a customer data platform — especially one that integrates orchestration into its capabilities — endless tabs and logins and porting of data or creative assets become irrelevant. Your marketing stack can become a marketing ecosystem where visibility and collaboration between disparate marketing functions are straightforward.By their very nature, marketing tools silo team members from each other’s workflows. A customer data platform breaks down silos and creates a 360 degree customer view unmatched by other marketing tools today. This is just one example of the power of customer data platform tools. Read on to learn more about customer data platform capabilities and CDP use cases:○ Why audience segmentation needs a customer data platformOptimize your personalized marketing with a CDP

More secrets to CDP marketing

Centralizing your data comes with many other perks. These touch on every aspect of modern marketing, from finding your target audience to keeping customers for multiple years. Creating a 360 degree customer view is only one part of these immense structures. Learn how a CDP unifies your data for real-time insights, intelligent decision making, and personalized customer experiences: view our CDP Buyer’s Guide.We look forward to joining you on the road to solutions!A complete, unified view of your customer is one click away - request a free demo and see how Simon transforms and maximizes your data for a seamless customer experience.

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