Optimize Your Personalized Marketing with a CDP

How a customer data platform can transform, elevate, and amplify your personalized marketing 

When customers are overwhelmed by choices, the personalization of a product or service is often what influences their final decision. However, effective targeted personalization is becoming increasingly rare. Companies large and small jump at the chance to personalize their offerings, but targeted personalization efforts often come off as annoying or trite to consumers. How can marketers truly create connections with consumers via personalization and avoid generic, “spray-and-pray” attempts?

The answers are in your customer data.

What is a CDP?

It’s no secret that data drives today’s marketing. The trouble that most marketers face is managing their data in a way that is sustainable. That’s where a customer data platform (CDP) comes into play. But what is a CDP in marketing, and what does a customer data platform do for your business?

A customer data platform is a marketing and CX technology that unites the user’s customer data across both online and offline sources.  This allows marketers to access, organize and collect data on an unprecedented scale. The best customer data platforms then integrate with other marketing tools in your stack to leverage data to much more effectively reach your customers and new leads. 

This all may sound great, but how does a CDP for marketing specifically affect your personalization efforts? 

Personalized marketing and the custom data platform 

Simply put, when you use a CDP for marketing, you can get much more granular and personal than you can with even your fanciest rules-based ESP settings.  Dynamic personalization without a unified view of the customer can’t get much more profound than MM/DD/YYYY triggers, such as  “Automated Happy Birthday Discount Email #1.” 

Customer data platform features transform and elevate the process far beyond the traditional birthday offer. Building and making use of custom fields with a CDP should be so intuitive that instead of getting frustrated and impatient with data, your team starts to develop a new creative instinct for inventive targeting. With a CDP unifying your data and integrating with your analytics tools, you can automate around almost endless parameters.

And that’s exactly what personalization is all about: optimizing your messaging around the consumer’s unique parameters in order to create a lasting connection.

That’s how you remain competitive in today’s environment. And the power of customer data platform tools doesn’t stop there. 

More secrets to CDP marketing 

CDPs offer you a new way to independently use data in ways that other solo marketing technologies can’t match. Depending on the platform in question, they also integrate with many other marketing tools, which allows you to use that data in a clear, streamlined fashion. 

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Let’s start this journey: together. 

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