July 7, 2021
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Better Marketing Campaign Management with a CDP


How a customer data platform synchronizes, unifies, and empowers your data for optimal marketing campaign orchestration

Marketing departments and companies face new challenges on a daily basis. Strategies that worked as recently as three months ago can quickly become irrelevant and uninspired, despite all the time, effort and money poured into them. This isn’t ideal, but can seem unavoidable. Some campaigns are simply going to fail, and some personalized marketing attempts are simply going to inaccurately target customers, right? While this statement has some grain of truth, companies do have the resources available to significantly cut down on failed campaigns and stale tactics.Enter campaign orchestration. So, what is campaign orchestration? In short, the marketing orchestration definition is a linear process by which marketers craft, deploy, and measure the success of campaigns throughout all channels in order to build a unified, frictionless customer experience. When this is accomplished, marketing and campaign orchestration is a thing of beauty. When it falters, it makes herding cats look organized by comparison and wastes funding. Let’s take a closer look at marketing campaign orchestration management and how a customer data platform enables companies to successfully create and streamline marketing orchestration throughout their strategies.

Beyond marketing campaign management: optimize your marketing campaign orchestration with a customer data platform

Campaign orchestration starts with organized data. This is where customer data platform software comes into play. But what is a CDP in marketing? What does a customer data platform do?Having a CDP for marketing — especially one that integrates orchestration into its capabilities — means that endless tabs, logins, and porting of data and creative assets between programs are things of the past. Your marketing stack can become a marketing ecosystem where visibility and collaboration between disparate marketing functions are straightforward and simple.However, not every CDP has the ability to orchestrate marketing messages and campaigns. Each software is created with a specific type of user in mind, and therefore has different customer data platform use cases. While using a CDP that doesn’t fit your company’s needs, your team members continue to find themselves bottlenecked by tedium and struggle with getting their carefully constructed, ever-updated cohorts and segments from the centralized data platform to the necessary end channel. In addition, your clients will experience disconnects in their messaging, such as unwanted email and other content triggers that randomly spit out marketing to their customers and leads. Orchestrating from one place, where the unified customer view is updated in real-time, gives the right channel manager the right information at the right time so they can make the best possible choice.That’s the power of a quality CDP paired with campaign orchestration techniques. But it doesn’t stop there. A customer data platform that fits well with your organization offers much more than orchestration capabilities. Customer data platform features include modeling, segmentation, targeting, testing, and many other marketing functions that can help elevate your strategy. If you’re interested in learning more about customer data platforms or finding a CDP that fits your needs, check out our CDP Buyer’s Guide. We walk through every aspect of customer data platforms, which tools they can interface with, and how to choose a CDP that will work best with your existing strategy. Read on to learn more about customer data platform capabilities and CDP use cases.○ Why audience segmentation needs a customer data platformOptimize your personalized marketing with a CDPA complete, unified view of your customer is one click away - request a free demo and see how Simon transforms and maximizes your data for a seamless customer experience.Let’s start the journey to better data management together.

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