The Future of Data Strategy

How to Maximize Campaign Performance with First & Zero-Party Data
On-Demand Webinar

The world of customer data is changing – are you ready? 

Concerns are growing over how brands use customer data. With continuous changes to data protection and privacy legislation, many marketers are unsure of how to move forward in this privacy-centric world.  

Watch industry thought leaders discuss trends around customer data, focusing on how marketers should use first-party and zero-party data to maximize campaign performance.

In this 50 minute session, we covered:

  • 5 trends impacting your customer data strategy in 2022
  • Recommendations on how to utilize these trends
  • How our clients are successfully using their first-party and zero-party data 

Third-party data is quickly becoming obsolete. The best way to protect yourself from these changes is by collecting and leveraging your own data in order to provide next-generation customer experiences. 


Kris Mobayeni
VP of Marketing
Simon Data


Emma Furlong
Director of Product Marketing
Dynamic Yield

Nathan Poorbaugh
Principal Solutions Architect
Blast Analytics

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