Solutions for Customer Journey Challenges with Simon

Great marketing is seamless, reaching customers wherever they are with personalized, data-driven campaigns. Reaching the right people at the right time requires the right data. In other words, it’s not enough to only have customer data; data is only valuable when you can do something with it. Enter Simon Journeys. This blog will look at Simon Journeys, customer journey challenges, and Simon Journeys’ solutions. 


What is Simon Journeys?

For marketers, easily managing cross-channel experiences is quickly becoming table-stakes. What is lacking is the ability to power these customer journeys with robust user data. That’s where Simon Journeys comes in. Simon Journeys is a cross-channel orchestration tool powered by a leading customer data platform (CDP). It allows marketers to create more complex, highly-segmented campaigns easily. These journeys engage customers in a personalized manner across diverse touchpoints via an array of sophisticated integrations. Simon Journeys also enables marketers to collaborate more quickly, optimize campaigns with robust experimentation, and iterate on user journeys with easy versioning capabilities. The workflow design ultimately helps marketers think like data scientists but act like themselves.

While there are many specific things Simon Journeys enables, at a high level, its core competencies are:

  • Use real-time and historical data customer data to drive behavioral, relevant, and timely customer experiences
  • Coordinate messages across different end-channels 
  • Build sophisticated cross-channel journeys easily and quickly via a marketer centric UI

Common Customer Journeys Challenges Marketers Face

Having data is one thing, but acting on it is another. At Simon, we know it’s difficult for marketers to implement complex, rich data into customer journeys. Lack of data access causes issues with targeting. Hence, a one-size-fits-all approach to customer experiences ultimately leads to missed opportunities and weak customer relationships. 

Effectively engaging with customers is no easy feat. Here are some of the most common challenges marketers face when building customer journeys —  

Challenge One: Powering Your Journey With the Right Customer Data 

It’s not uncommon for marketers to struggle to get the right data to inform effective customer journeys. Marketers are stuck with poor data or can’t access the right data making results difficult to achieve.

Simon’s Solution- Data Availability 

Simon Data’s CDP works to unify customer data that lives across disparate sources. Therefore, marketers have easy access to all their data in one place. By unifying data into single customer views, marketers can better understand their audiences, and build better personalized, hyper-segmented campaigns accordingly. With access to better historical and real-time data, marketers can make more personalized, relevant, and timely customer experiences with Simon Journeys. Built atop our core CDP, Simon’s journey management tool improves cross-channel journey orchestration in several ways:

    • Integration: Enable marketers to integrate any data source (relational, streaming, batch, or real-time) into a unified customer view
    • Real-Time Triggers & Segment-Based Journeys: Create customer journeys using either configurable behavioral triggers or dynamic segments
    • Cross-Channel Identity: Automatically identify customers across channels, ensuring that marketers always identify customers to send on the right journey

By making all data available, marketers can make endlessly customizable customer journeys tailored to individual needs. 

Challenge Two: Creating Memorable Customer Experiences at Every Step of the Journey

Once having better access to comprehensive data, marketers often find it difficult to improve or expand on existing journeys. If a marketer wants to revamp a customer journey, their options can be minimal. They can start from scratch, but that is time-consuming and risks losing historical knowledge. Going this route also typically means marketers cannot look back at previous journeys in strategic decision-making. The result is often customer journeys remaining stale, unmemorable, and outdated. 

Simon’s Solution: Seamless Journey Iteration and Optimization

Simon offers a seamless journey builder made with marketers in mind: catering to their specific workflows and needs. Simon allows marketers to react quickly by easily experimenting, building upon previous journey versions, and directly editing within existing workflows.

    • Quickly iterate: Join branches, add touchpoints, and set up new experiments anywhere within an existing journey
    • Advanced versioning: Automatically saved iterations allow marketers to access previous versions anytime, making workflow collaboration easy
    • Experimentation Suite: Run insightful experiments across different customer segments through complex branching, multi-variant tests, and dynamic time delays
    • Optimized results: Quickly act on real-time customer data to create more timely and relevant customer journeys 

Challenge 3: Establishing an Effective Cross-Channel Marketing Strategy

Getting a customer’s attention isn’t as simple as it used to be. In addition to having compelling content, marketers must establish a personalized cross-channel experience to stand out, or at least compete, in the crowd. Yet, many marketers struggle to effectively target and personalize customer journeys, which first stems from having the right customer data. Then, engaging with users on the platforms they want is another road bump marketers must tackle. Most tools don’t support complex, multi-journey experiences, which means inefficient marketing workflows and mediocre customer experiences. The results are time-consuming back and forths, disconnected channel actions, and more siloed data.

Simon’s Solution: Journey Orchestration Made For Marketer Scalability 

Simon has created an easy way for marketers to do it all in one place. Simons Journeys answers complex marketing needs. Marketers can now make meaningful, cross-channel customer journeys that result in:

    • Richer customer experiences: Flexibility to create complex branching, experiments, time delays, and cross-channel messaging
    • Diverse integrations: Make journeys that scale by seamlessly connecting to third-party tools and end channels at any time 
    •  Fewer resources: Buildable, data-driven campaigns that don’t require help from engineering or IT teams

Start with Simon Journeys

Simon Journeys helps marketers solve everyday problems by enhancing their customer experiences every step of the way. Built for marketers, Simon Journeys helps you quickly brainstorm, build, and version many different journeys. Additionally, unique customer data powers this product to connect customers at crucial lifecycle moments that drive higher ROI. For more examples of Simon Journeys’ use cases, keep an eye out for this blog series. See how Simon’s clients have successfully used our cross-channel marketing platform to enhance their customer experience, 0r request a personalized demo to see Simon Journeys in action! 


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