Simon’s Native SMS Marketing, Powered by Attentive

In today’s “always-on” culture, the amount of time people spend on their phones is staggering. A recent report showed in 2021, consumers estimated they spent on average 5-6 hours on their phone. That’s an increase of 2 hours from 2020 results. Hence, it is clear why SMS marketing has grown in popularity over the past few years. 

This blog will define SMS marketing, introduce Simon’s Native SMS Marketing, and show Simon + Attentive create best in class text marketing. 

What is SMS Marketing?

SMS, or short message service marketing, is when businesses use text messaging to communicate promotions, sales, product updates, etc. to customers. Over the past decade, SMS has grown in importance as a marketing channel. 96% of marketers using text messaging say it’s helped them drive more revenue. Today, SMS marketing is synonymous with meeting consumers where they are. Yet, while nearly 90% of consumers are open to SMS text messages from businesses, how you communicate matters.

Like email, SMS is an owned marketing channel, meaning you can carefully craft messaging for defined audiences and purposes. However, text is seen as a more intimate channel than email and brings much higher consumer expectations in terms of relevance and timeliness. 

How Simon Data and Attentive SMS Work Together

Today, most consumers use mobile devices when shopping online, so marketing through SMS is a no-brainer. Knowing the rising importance behind SMS marketing and channel optimization, we are excited to launch a new Native SMS Channel powered by partner Attentive.

This partnership brings more data and control to marketers’ text strategies than ever before. As most of you already know, Simon Data, a CDP, creates a unified view of your customer data from your various systems in a single place. This solution aligns with our joint belief that marketers deserve a unique, best-in-class channel solution that orchestrates within a single, cross-channel marketing platform. Here’s how we bring that belief to life.

Benefits of Simon’s New Native SMS Channel

Simon and Attentive help marketers make the most of SMS marketing by sending the right messages at the right time to the right people. This new integration allows marketers to activate that data to create highly segmented and triggered SMS messages from Attentive. Joint customers can create texts natively in Simon Data’s multi-channel journey builder.

With combined capabilities in a single, powerful marketing workflow, it is easier and faster for marketers to build hyper-segmented and highly personalized SMS campaigns. By orchestrating SMS alongside other channels, brands can create more connected customer experiences, driving meaningful interactions and increasing revenue and marketing ROI.

SMS Marketing Powers Real-Time Personalization

Simon and Attentive make it easy for marketers to send the right messages to customers with real-time hyper-segmented and personalized SMS campaigns. With Simon’s CDP, marketers have access to real-time data refresh capabilities. These refreshes power more relevant and timely text messaging, connecting to all other channel actions. Meaning marketers can coordinate real-time triggers across multiple customer journeys to connect strategic moves to your SMS channel. This integration provides users with a more streamlined customer journey tailored to individual experiences. Powering highly personalized SMS campaigns encourages increased engagement and builds more intimate customer relationships that last.

SMS Channel You Can Depend On

Another benefit of this partnership is ensuring you send your messages at the right time. With Attentive’s industry-leading speed, marketers no longer need to worry about delivering their text messages. Despite any peak send times, marketers can confidently hit the mark when it matters, knowing that messages will arrive when expected. This assurance allows marketers to worry about the important stuff and put technical operations aside.

Send Rich Media Messages, Smartly

Lastly, be confident you send messages to the right people by optimizing the right amount of interaction. First, ensure texts are engaging with Attentive’s unique rich media messages, including SMS, MMS, and video. In-house URL shortening allows marketers to showcase content better and increase CTA conversions. Once you’ve built-out messages, marketers can send triggered or segmented SMS messages. With Attentive’s combined smart sending capabilities, accounts messaged within a customized number of hours can be flagged and automatically omitted from an upcoming message to eliminate the risk of opt-out. This smart sending capability, combined with Simon Predict’s machine learning models, optimizes every customer interaction to ensure a one-to-one basis with the right amount of engagement and the right content. With Simon’s churn propensity and product recommendation models, marketers can personalize messages and offers based on unique user behaviors. Ultimately, these messages create more relevant customer experiences.

Sophistication and Scalability in Your SMS Marketing Platform

Build sophisticated SMS messages based on real-time and historical behaviors across all customer touchpoints (onsite, email, mobile, etc.). Powered in Simon’s unified cross-channel marketing platform, marketers have higher growth and ROI while building more effective marketing campaigns. Combining unified customer data within marketing workflows allows you to create SMS marketing strategies tailored to individual experiences. By connecting best-of-breed channels to one platform, you can easily measure campaign success. Therefore, identifying areas of improvement in one place. 

How SMS marketing works with your Simon CDP

Now that we have a broad overview of SMS marketing and how Simon and Attentive work together, let’s take a look at specific use cases. 

Triggered SMS Messages via Simon Journeys

Making SMS messages a behavioral action allows better personalization and timing that makes a difference. By automatically sending triggered SMS messages across different phases of the customer lifecycle, you become more relevant and top of mind on a device most of us spend way too much time on. Marketers can increase SMS effectiveness by implementing trigger and personalized texts based on unique customer data.

One-time or Recurring SMS Marketing Blasts

Whether you want to target a customer segment one-time or recurring basis, Simon and Attentive make that seamless. Through Simon’s advanced CDP and marketer-friendly workflows, it’s easy to set automated SMS messages to send at specific times or based on triggered behaviors at scale.

Opt-out Frequently Messaged Users

Given the more personal touchpoint that SMS provides, marketers must optimize customer engagement with just the right amount of interaction. De-risk over-communicating to customers and understand churn likelihood with combined smart sending and predictive capabilities. Automatically flag accounts that are likely to disengage or have received a high volume of texts. This stopgap ensures communications reflect unique user experiences and optimize satisfaction.

Get Started with SMS Marketing

Knowing the importance of SMS marketing may make it seem like a daunting channel to tackle. However, Simon and Attentive help marketers confidently send the right message to the right person at the right time. Request a personalized demo today to see how Simon helps companies get up and running out-of-the-box. 

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