Data Warehouses vs ETL and How They Work Together

In the newest installment of the Data Unlocked Podcast, Jason Davis, Simon Data’s co-founder and CEO links up with Josh Curl. Josh is the Co-Founder and CTO of Hightouch, the leading Reverse ETL Platform (learn more about what reverse ETL is). Hightouch is a data platform that helps marketers sync customer data from a data warehouse to their CRM, marketing, and support tools.

How Reverse ETL Makes the Most of Data Warehouses

As always, Jason asks Josh how marketers could unlock opportunities with better data capabilities.

Josh and his team know that data warehouses are evolving. They are now much more prolific across a lot of organizations.

Data warehouses contain immense amounts of data which is typically vital to drive analytics reports. But there are unique data points and insights that are locked inside of a warehouse. The goal of Hightouch really is to use those insights and data points for more operational use cases. This includes driving day-to-day value and driving action rather than analytics. The big change with Reverse ETL is in operations is not using the data warehouse as a place to just dump data and perform analytics. It is moving that warehouse to the center of a pipeline allowing marketers to take data from the warehouse and send actions and data into downstream SaaS tools.

Using Data to Drive More Effective Marketing Campaigns

And so it’s really about taking your new source of truth and better aiding that with some new SaaS tools. If you look at the sales teams and B2B and so on, it’s crucial to arm your go-to-market team with more information about how your customers are engaging with your brand. Obviously, always having more rich data available is really beneficial to a sales organization. As a result, the marketing teams have better access to attributes about customers. This enables marketers to execute fine-grained personalization, which means conducting more effective ad campaigns, personalization, email campaigns, etc.

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