Navigating the Upcoming Market Downturns From a Venture Perspective w/ Beth Ferreira, General Partner at FirstMark Capital

As we approach the end of 2022’s second quarter, Wall Street and central banks are sounding the alarm bells; recession is coming.

The World Bank’s president, David Malpass, is the latest to say it: For many countries, recession will be “hard to avoid.”

This doesn’t come as a surprise. Due to inflation, prices of goods everywhere are the highest they’ve been in years.

But what does this mean for brands and marketers? Will they have to change their data strategies? And will new companies be able to grow in this market?

These are the exact questions Jason asks today’s guest, the brilliant Beth Ferreira.

For those who don’t know her, here’s a quick introduction: 

Beth Ferreira is a venture capitalist and a general partner at FirstMark Capital.

Prior to her joining FirstMark Capital, Beth was the managing director of WME Ventures. She was also COO at Fab and ran operations at Etsy during its early days.

Beth has experience investing in some big name brands, such as Glossier, Masterclass, Daily Harvest, Justworks, and more.

Today, she is here to discuss the 2022 “recession” and how companies can revisit strategies, cut costs, and focus efforts in today’s market.

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