How Email Marketing Challenges With Your Current ESP Could Be Holding Marketing Back

We partnered with Clickz, to survey marketers to find out how effective email service providers (ESPs) are in helping teams handle their email marketing campaigns. Many companies are currently underwhelmed by the effectiveness of their email marketing campaigns. This is largely due to unsuccessful data integration, which in turn leads to subpar segmentation, and personalization.

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In this ebook, you will discover why:

ESP Data Integrations are Important

The level of data integration ESPs are able to achieve is the most important factor for marketers to consider. Lack of customer data correlates with the ineffectiveness of email marketing campaigns.

Assuring Your ESP is Timely is Everything

Customers have come to expect marketing that is custom fit to them – and within that paradigm, timing is key. For many, it takes far too long to run a campaign with their current email marketing platform. With each additional day taken, marketers run greater risk of their emails becoming irrelevant.

ESP Segmentation and Personalization is Key

The more segmentations a campaign has, the more personalized it becomes. Data integration is what ultimately determines the level of personalization email marketing campaigns can attain. Despite the importance, the process can be challenging without the right email marketing software.

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