2022 State of Customer Data

The latest trends in data & usage in a privacy-centric world

How Should Shifts in Customer Data Affect Your 2022 Strategy?

Third-party data is quickly becoming obsolete as privacy regulations and protections amass. The best way to protect yourself from these changes is by collecting your own data. This customer data report will look at trends around customer data. Focusing on how to utilize first-party and zero-party data to maximize your campaign performance. 

In this report we:

  • Look at five trends we predict will impact your data strategy in 2022
  • See how Simon Data’s most successful clients have used first-party and zero-party data
  • Get recommendations from thought leaders in the space on to utilize these trends 

How to Survive Cookiepocalypse

There has been an attack on third-party data for a few years now, but the latest revelation of Google blocking cookied users was the nail in the coffin. In short, companies can no longer count on third-party cookies as a reliable data strategy. The best way forward is to look at other types of data available and start collecting your own. 

Why First-Party and Zero-Party Data?

First-party and zero-party data are the most reliable types of data. Because it is data you collect, you can ensure you are gathering the most helpful information for your intended goal. Additionally, the customer knows what data they are giving you and can opt-in to the experience. It not only helps you build trust but an overall better relationship with your customer. 

Recommendations for Data Strategy

As we predict restrictions on using customer data will only tighten, the best way forward is to be proactive. Our most successful clients use more first-party/zero-party data points per campaign. Having more control over data collection and management leads to higher conversion rates.

To see our full trends and predictions read this customer data report!

2022 State of Customer Data

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