Closing context gaps

Financial Services

Businesses in the financial services industry will succeed or fail based on the strength of their customer relationships. But today’s fragmented technology stacks and workflows can’t improve customer relationships.

Financial services customers experience poor experiences at a greater rate than in other industries because maintaining client context across all touchpoints is harder. 68% of digital banking users are frustrated by their experiences with brands. That number shoots up as the age of the customer goes down, which means your future core customers are checking out when you could be building loyalty.

What’s In The Whitepaper

The problems at the root of your profitability and growth are what we call “Marketing Black Holes,” the single greatest obstacle to delivering superior, context-sensitive client experiences.

In this robust paper, you will learn:

  • About the specific marketing gaps that damage your relationships and erode trust:
    • Gaps between lifecycle stages/states
    • Gaps between online and offline experiences
    • Gaps between business units
    • Gaps between experiences across channels
    • Gaps between campaigns and journeys
  • Find what you need to plug these black holes and resolve negative customer experiences
    • How to build a seamless client architecture that infuses your solutions and touch points with the client context necessary to drive profitability, agility, and growth
  • Get guidance around measuring the success of a digital transformation focused on customer experience
    • Quantitative: the metrics to look for, measure against, and possibly redefine
    • Qualitative: the capabilities you need to create better experiences today, but also for the future as well as what to look for from workflow and team

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