How Travel + Leisure Co. Achieved 1:1 Personalization

Today organizations collect a lot of data on their customers. However, those same organizations struggle to unlock the full potential of their data. The problem lies in data siloes that exist within a company’s tech stack. These siloes lead to issues operationalizing data and using it to its fullest potential.

Powered Personalization

In this case study, we walk through how Travel + Leisure Co. used Simon Data powered by Snowflake to transform raw data into personalized experiences. By using a CDP sitting on top of their data warehouse marketers had access to their customer data. The end result was highly personalized cross-channel strategy and experiences for their customers including next best action and travel recommendations.

In this case study, learn how:

  • Centralizing real-time and historic data orchestrates cross-channel customer experiences
  • Simon Data solves personalization, identity resolution, and customer journey management
  • Aligning marketers and developers around data creates better customer experiences

Case Studies

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