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Byline by Aaron Smith, CEO and Co-founder at Sageflo.


In the last decade, many companies have transformed their digital presence and evolved from a multichannel strategy to an omnichannel strategy. One of the most important differences between the two is that multichannel focuses on engaging customers, while omnichannel focuses on improving customer experience. With multichannel marketing, the goal is to cast the net as wide as possible to make sure more people are aware of a business. With omnichannel marketing, the goal is to create a consistent customer experience for people who are already aware of and engaging with a business. At the core, data is what drives both strategies. The key to shifting from simply engaging customers to truly enhancing the customer experience lies in how that data is leveraged across each channel.  


“When a company makes customers feel appreciated, 76% indicate they’ll keep their business with the brand, 80% say they will spend more with the brand, and 87% will recommend the brand to friends and family members.” (Forrester) 


During the pandemic, companies that were digitally ready prevailed. In a report from Forrester, e‑commerce in the U.S. grew 30% in 2020, its fastest growth rate since 2002. But the research firm also projects that 72% of retail will still take place offline in 2024. Bearing that in mind, as companies move through the many phases of digital transformation, it’s imperative for them to consider not only what data they’re using across channels, but how the data is being used and who is provided with access.


Marketers have primarily used data across online marketing channels like web, email, social, and mobile to engage customers wherever they’re engaging with a brand. However, when it comes to offline marketing channels, like interactions with customer care or in-store service, these associates are rarely, if ever, empowered with customer data that can truly impact their conversations with customers. 

With customer data being collected at every interaction, customers know and expect companies to be aware of their likes, status, engagement, and purchase history. In fact, 74% of consumers think knowledgeable in-store staff is important to their brand experience. (Oracle) 


Brands are evolving and seeing the impact of having fewer data silos and more access to customer data. How that data is then shared across teams and made readily accessible is what makes the difference between an average and highly personalized, dynamic customer experience. 


Consider these two examples: 


1) The Farmer’s Dog utilized Simon Data’s customer data platform to organize and activate data, saving the marketing team 80 hours a month and increasing the rate of email experimentation by 10x. Faster path to personalization by allowing the marketing team to execute quicky and efficiently without IT slowing things down 


2) Vivino utilized Simon Data to deliver highly personalized recommendations while simultaneously optimizing message cadence, channel mix and lifecycle specific content for each customer. Not only did this lead to a 3x increase in revenue per email, but overall engagement increased 2.4x.


Taking Customer Experience to the Next Level

Having a holistic view of all customer activity, purchases, and messaging is imperative and starts with enabling brands to listen, think, and speak to customers from one, centralized platform. Simon Data + Sageflo Archiver, captures all that data along with a visual timeline of every customer’s messaging journey and engagement, so that customer service and in-store teams can begin to understand customer interests and intent, and engage with customers in more individualized and meaningful ways that drive customer experience. 


Brands that are focused on CX holistically are leveraging data in ways that drive higher customer engagement not only via digital touchpoints but across all channels where customers interact with that brand, including in-store and call center support. 


Sageflo Radiate and Simon Data partner to give brands even more detailed insight into customer messaging and engagement, so that brands can utilize this data in real-time with customers and uncover an additional layer of interest and intent. 


Looking ahead to 2022, customers will continue to expect hyper-personalization and demand a more holistic customer experience. As brands continue to compete for customer attention and share of wallet, focusing not only on having the right data, but using that data more effectively will need to be top of mind. Companies that can offer customers the most seamless experience between both the digital and physical shopping worlds will be the ones that grow their business and expand market share.

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