Creating data-driven loyalty programs

As we all know, retaining customers is always easier than constantly being on the search for new ones.

Loyal clients simply buy more and interact more with the brand.

It also costs way less to keep someone who uses your products or services loyal than to constantly look for new prospects and convert them into clients.

So it only makes sense that today’s companies are investing in better, more intelligent, data-driven loyalty programs.

And this is exactly what we discuss today!

In this week’s episode of Data Unlocked, Jason sits down with Melissa Berger, EVP, Connections Strategy and NA CRM & Loyalty Lead at Digitas.

Melissa has been working in the marketing industry for two decades now. She’s worn many hats throughout those years, from account manager to marketing project manager to email marketing manager.

Today, she’s using her expertise to tailor loyalty programs using data for Digitas.

For those of you who’ve never heard of it (and we are sure you are few), Digitas is one of the biggest media and creative agencies in the world. With fifty offices across thirty countries (and a few thousand employees), Digitas is a leader in all things marketing.

In this episode, Melissa discusses the modern loyalty program. She also talks about the process of implementing data in the creation and tailoring of loyalty programs and more.

Ready to learn?

Let’s dive in.