How To Use Data to Become More Customer-Centric With Erik Huberman

Are brands tracking the right data? And if so, do they know how to read between the lines to utilize that information efficiently?

These are the exact questions Jason is asking our guest for this week – Erik Huberman, CEO of Hawke Media.

CEO, marketer, public speaker, thought leader, and author, Erik is a jack of all trades when it comes to marketing.

His agency, Hawke Media, runs marketing for 600+ brands. They help both large and small companies grow through branding, production, media buying, content marketing, and more. On their client roster, you’ll see well-known names, such as Red Bull,, and Proactiv.

Recently, they’ve also come out with their own marketing bible, The Hawke Method. The book encompasses everything about their brilliant marketing methodology.

Today, Erik is here to discuss the “North Star” metric: how brands can become fully customer-centric using data, the importance of tracking your purchase cycle, and more.

He and Jason also talk about other important metrics, such as the cost to acquire customers and net retention.

Finally, they also take a gander at some big brick-and-mortar brands, namely, Apple and Lululemon, and analyze what truly differentiates them from their competition.

Wondering what Erik has to say?

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