August 10, 2021
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G2 Summer Rankings Shows Simon Data a Leader in the CDP Space


At Simon, we’re excited to announce for a consecutive time we ranked “leader” in G2 Summer Rankings for Customer Data Platforms (CDP).G2’s quarterly CDP Grid® ranks products based on customer satisfaction and market presence. This cycle, we held our spots as overall Leader, Momentum Leader, and Best Support Mid-Market. We have also gained the Mid-Market Leader award.

G2 Summer Ranking Badges

“We couldn’t be happier to see our focus on helping brands navigate through the chaos of data and supporting our clients as they look to increase their engagement with its customers in the latest G2 report. G2’s quarterly analysis is incredibly important because they are based on user-generated reviews and show how important it is for brands such as Simon Data to focus on the outcomes our customers expect. I am proud of the technical and support work that our team has shown over the past year and this work is celebrated here with these acknowledgments.”-Jason Davis, CEO, and co-founder of Simon Data

G2 rankings are based on how verified users evaluate customer satisfaction. Now, let’s look at the top three things our customers love most about Simon Data.

User-Friendly Interface

Simon Data built its interface with non-technical users in mind. The drag and drop segment builder makes it easy for marketers to create target audiences. This task is done without relying on the data/engineer team’s assistance.

“I am happy to be using Simon Data as I feel it is a much more user-friendly means of pulling this data as opposed to our old process in which we pulled these lists from a database using SQL.”

-Cade C, Mid-Market Company

"The UI of Simon data is intuitive to understand. It makes some of the more technical aspects of data manipulation more approachable for the everyday marketer that doesn't know SQL."

-Phil H, Mid-Market Company

Amazing Customer Service

Another key thing that makes Simon Data stand out is our client success team. Our team members are friendly, quick to respond, and engaged in your day-to-day problems. At Simon, we buy into your company goals and are invested in seeing you achieve them. But don’t just take my word for it.

“The people we work with help us at a moment's notice, are friendly and extremely knowledgeable about their product and how we could most effectively utilize the platform.”

-User in Apparel& Fashion, Mid-Market Company

"We evaluated a number of providers in the space, and couldn't be happier with the engagement of the Simon team after the sale, from integration to onboarding to ongoing strategic planning."

-Admin in Consumer Goods, Small Business

Ability to Work Independently

While I already alluded to this, marketers love the independence they gain with Simon Data. However, it’s not just the ability but the confidence they gain through the platform. Allowing marketing to create segments on their own also allows data to focus on analytics.

“Simon has allowed us to run all of our email segmentation through them rather than relying on a data team to pull information as needed. This has also allowed our data team to focus more on analytics rather than data pulls."- Zach W, Mid-Market Company
"The major problem we are solving is being able to create actionable data fields out of our raw customer data with minimal support from our data science team."

-User in Hospitality, Mid-Market Company

These are just some reasons our users are raving about Simon Data in our G2 summer rankings. See all our G2 reviews here.

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