Simon + Snowflake

Turn Your Snowflake Data Into Revenue

With Simon Data, you can unlock your Snowflake investment to enable your marketing & customer facing teams to drive measurable outcomes. Built on top of Snowflake, Simon leverages secure data shares to build audience segments, personalized customer experiences, and cross-channel journeys. Schedule a demo now to learn how to enable your customer facing teams to get the most out of your Snowflake investment:

  • Flexible data ingestion that includes all aspects of customer data including SQL-based historical, real-time streaming, and deep API support for dynamic personalization
  • Powerful self-service tooling that maps 1-1 with your data models to get the most out of your data investments for segmentation & personalization
  • Experimentation capabilities that enable coordinated testing across all marketing channels & systems
  • Built around your data including expansive data egress to bring everything back to your Snowflake environment including channel engagement, campaign metadata, experimentation context, and more


Download the Simon + Snowflake One-Sheet

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