Simon Data + Technology Partners: A Marketer’s Dream Team

Last week, to highlight the Simon Data Partner Program, our blog series looked at how Agency Partners work with Simon Data. In this blog, we’re taking a deep dive on the Technology Partners side of our program.

As a marketer in today’s omnichannel world, it’s no wonder that in the recently released MarTech 2022 Replacement Survey, the top two reasons marketers have replaced systems are cited as seeking better integration capabilities and data centralization. With customers expecting to be met where and when they want, it can be a marketer’s nightmare to keep up with all the tools that are required. But if you get it right, and can leverage the right data through the right channel, it can mean the difference between a lost customer or one that is retained for years.

At Simon Data, we partner with a comprehensive technology ecosystem of best-in-class channel and integration partners to drive value for our customers in a streamlined way that produces better results with less manual effort. By sitting on top of a Media Data Cloud like Snowflake, Simon’s orchestration CDP can centralize all your data, facilitate segmentation, and then allow you to take action through our native channel integrations and APIs. 

Why is this so important?

Well for a marketer, it means the most up-to-date and correct data comes into a single platform from all your data sources, and that your marketing tools are coordinated and integrated around a central hub CDP. It means a more direct way to create campaigns and journeys across all channels and touchpoints using technology vendors you’re probably already working with – like Attentive, Airship, and Lob. And for your customers, it means they’re getting the most informed, effective, and efficient marketing messages based on your data-driven decisions.

Our commitment to working with the best technology partners ensures custom solutions based on your goals and needs. A leading enterprise home goods retailer was looking for a better way to reach unidentified customers who were visiting their website. Made possible by Simon’s partnership with FullContact, the retailer deployed Simon’s native identity resolution functionality to increase reach by 26% and generate a 7x ROI in the first three weeks.

The Value of Centralized Data

“Simon has been an incredible partner, with a team as committed as we are to making this partnership a success. By partnering with Simon, FullContact can deliver even better data solutions for clients and a valuable, world-class experience for the end customer,” says Ben McVay, VP Product & Solutions at FullContact.

When data is centralized and integrations simplified, the possibilities for success on both traditional and emerging channels are endless. These partnerships are core to marketing infrastructure and take significant strides toward unlocking the most valuable client use cases.

“Simon Data has proven to be a great partner, understanding our joint value very well and always acting in a very collaborative way,” says Patrick Mareuil, VP of Global Partnerships at Airship. “Mobile apps are the center of digital experience today and thanks to our robust bi-directional integration, brands can now orchestrate Airship’s mobile app experiences alongside traditional marketing channels, as well as action on the rich, real-time customer data within Simon Data.”

For marketers looking to streamline efforts and save time while maximizing the value of data, Simon’s alignment with technology partners ensures customers are seeing maximum returns. With data and cross-channel orchestration in a single platform, our omnichannel solutions help you work faster with cutting-edge, no-code tools that enable personalization, complex experimentation, and the delivery of connected customer experiences on any channel.

Learn more about the companies we partner with

To learn more about Simon’s Technology Partner Program, visit this page.

If you’re a technology company looking to learn more, or have a client interested in CDPs, we want to hear from you! Our partners are carefully selected so that they may receive the most value from the program while matching the needs of our mutual clients. Upon submitting an application, your dedicated partner manager will meet with you to discuss the best direction of the partnership and put in place a plan for success and growth. Learn more and fill out an application today.

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