Quick Holiday Email Tips to Unwrap Success and Maximize Engagement

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The holidays are a time when customers are bombarded with more messaging and emails than they can possibly handle. So how can you cut through the inbox noise to make sure your message comes through as clear as a Christmas carol? Scalero, the experts in email marketing, share some examples, tips, and tricks for creating emails that won’t turn your customers into the Grinch.

Don’t overthink Black Friday. Consumers are bound to have an influx of emails leading up to BFCM. Make yourself available and make it easy for your subscribers to click and see what you’re offering.

Rely on high-quality images. In this email, Good Eggs lets their products do the talking – the food looks and is amazing and gets you into the holiday spirit (and might make you a little hungry too!).


This email is smart. There is a to-the-point promo in the header, clever copy in the body, and beautiful product shots throughout. There’s also a can’t-resist deal front-and-center!

Subscribers will enjoy a break from cliche holiday emails and advertisements. The Perfect Jean is able to pull off the humor and a clear call to action in this email. Short, sweet, and to-the-point is bound to win this season.

Don’t forget New Year’s after the holiday rush! If you have interesting data on your subscribers and the data is mostly harmless, subscribers will be delighted to see a recap of their year.

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