Leveraging Data & Understanding Consumer Intentionality To Drive Better Experiences

In the newest installment of the Data Unlocked Podcast, Jason Davis, Simon Data’s co-founder, and CEO, links up with Brad Jakeman, Co-Founder at Rethink Food and Senior Adviser at Boston Consulting Group. 

The focus of this episode is consumer intentionality, a topic that came to light from Brad’s recent experience. He was tasked with helping a close friend find a good deal on a new car. Following several visits to an array of car dealership websites, Brad was now the target of aggressive marketing. His intention was never to purchase a car, and had more data been strung together, these sites would have known that Brad just bought two cars and is not in the market. He also has never purchased a car like the one his friend is shopping for.

In many, many instances, personalization in marketing, if not done correctly, is not adding to my relationship with the brand. In fact, it is being creepy.Brad Jakeman

The goal of marketer’s campaigns should be to add value to consumers’ lives. As Jason notes, when used effectively to connect to consumer intentions, data can really entice behavior. But when not thoughtful, it can be a turnoff and a nuisance.

During the episode, Jason asks Brad what his recommendation is on measuring the success of personalized context. Brad mentions that many marketers solely think about what the sales outcome is. But, when a brand makes contact with you, whether it be by TV commercial, website pop-up, email or text, that brand is trying to be your “friend”. And we only keep around friends who add value to our lives. So next time you get one of these messages, ask yourself if it makes you smile or makes you feel closer to the brand. That’s an easy test. 

This conversation about consumer intentionality and more on marketing continue throughout the remainder of this episode. You can check it out by clicking the button below. 

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