Using First-Party Data to Create a Better Customer Experience

As the security and data protection landscape changes, marketers are being forced to rely more heavily on clean rooms and their own first-party data. The good news is that first-party data, when utilized properly, can lay the foundation for better personalization and customer experience while keeping customers’ data safe.

In this 30–minute webinar, Simon CEO and Cofounder Jason Davis, PhD — a data scientist turned entrepreneur — will provide marketers with an understanding of:

  • The different types of data available to marketers and how each type can be leveraged in the quest for the perfect customer experience

  • The benefits of building a first-party data strategy and examples of companies that are doing this well

  • Three steps you can take to today to design a future-proof first-party data strategy

  About the Speaker: Dr. Jason Davis is a data scientist turned entrepreneur. Before Simon Data, he founded Adtuitive, a retail adtech platform that was acquired by Etsy in 2009. While at Etsy, he led several engineering teams including data science, analytics, and big data infrastructure. Dr. Davis holds a Ph.D. in machine learning and spent time developing search algorithms at Google.