Simon Data Recipes

Quick guides to ingest, activate, and enrich your customer data with Simon


Define and build audiences in Simon and push them to TikTok to be amplified by Match+

Maximize your reach with Match+ by syncing additional HEMs & MAIDs to TikTok.

IntegrationsPaid Media

Improve creative targeting using Simon Predict product recommendations

Take the guesswork out of ad pairings and carousel units! Create a custom audience in Simon with contacts that are likely to buy specific products (or categories) and push them to Facebook / Tiktok / Snapchat to serve them the corresponding creative.

IntegrationsPaid Media

Improve email open rates for higher engagement and conversion

Using pre-header text in email campaigns provides a brief summary of the email content to the recipient before they open the email. This can improve your email open rates and ultimately lead to higher engagement and conversions when used to reinforce the subject line and entice the recipient to take action.

Customer SuccessIntegrations

Increase average order value using Simon Predict and Iterable

Increase average order value and diversity of product purchase by creating a segment of your most probable second purchasers, then sending their three top product recommendations to Iterable.

IntegrationsRetentionSales & CRM

Retarget customers who previously made a purchase, but haven’t opened an email in 30 days or more

Emails are a great place to offer customers personalized recommendations, discounts, calls to action, etc. but sometimes emails get buried, pushed to promotion folders, or inadvertently overlooked.

So how do you engage customers you know have made a purchase before, have opened an email before, but just aren’t opening emails from you anymore? Try this recipe to make it happen.


Retarget unsubscribed email customers

Looking to re-engage customers who’ve purchased before, but have unsubscribed from your emails? Try this recipe.

Email MarketingRetention

Send contact results from a Journey experiment to Google Sheets

Send data from a Journey downstream to Google sheets using an Outbound Webhook action.


Set up a Match+ Test

Set up a Match+ test to see the value of  Match+ yourself.

IntegrationsPaid Media

Suppress owned channel engaged users from Meta custom audiences to optimize spend

Improve paid media performance by minimizing wasted reach against users engaged in CRM channels, where the CPM to reach them is a fraction of the cost.

Customer Success

Use Simon Predict to Improve ROAS in Facebook, Google Ads, and Criteo Marketing

Build low-propensity audiences in Simon and push them to paid media channels for downstream suppression.

IntegrationsPaid Media

Use Snowtriggers to stream live events out of your Snowflake and into emails

Create a streamlined path for effective campaigns both in implementation and action.

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