The people and process behind martech

Technology has made it much easier for brands to create and execute great marketing campaigns.

It is now more common (for big and small companies alike) to collect data, analyze it, and use the results to make more profits.

However, this only works if the data is accurate. And to make sure that’s the case, brands have to use the right technology.

What does that mean exactly? This is the question this week’s guest answers in today’s episode.

In this week’s episode of Data Unlocked, Jason sits down with Pratik Kodial, the founder and managing partner of Tapasya Investment Partners.

Before embarking on his hedge fund manager path, Pratik actually had a completely different career.

He was a data analytics and ecommerce expert as well as the VP of Marketing Effectiveness at JCPenney. Before that, he was a Senior Director of Pricing Analytics at Best Buy.

Pratik has had a long career in the data analysis industry, and is a subject matter expert in the space.

In this episode, he and Jason discuss how to execute a marketing strategy, taking campaigns from data to creative, how technology enables process, and more.

Ready to learn?

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