The future of CDP category: facts, fiction, and myths

In today’s market, staying on top of your competition is key to a successful and healthy business.

How can you achieve that goal?

To answer that question, we’d like to introduce you to the CDP, or Customer Data Platform.

As you know, the only way to stay competitive today is to use the right data, and a CDP can help you do just that, since it’s a platform that collects, unifies, and activates customer data.

Just the thing you need, right?

And who better to discuss this in more depth than today’s guest on Data Unlocked?

In this week’s episode of Data Unlocked, Jason sits down for a second time with Michael Katz, the co-founder and CEO of mParticle.

Before founding mParticle, Michael was the CEO of interclick, a data-driven advertising network, before selling it to Yahoo for $270 million.

Today, he’s at the head of mParticle.

mParticle is a customer data platform for multi-channel consumer brands. Their work helps the world’s best brands unify data in order to optimize marketing outcomes and CX.

In this episode, Michael discusses the future of CDP, the technology and market changes that are affecting today’s CDP landscape, the driving forces shaping the CDP category, and more.

Ready to learn?

Let’s dive in.