FullContact is an industry-leading, strictly deterministic identity resolution provider. FullContact uses machine learning, applied graph theory and distributed comupting to improve resolution aross hundreds of millions of people with billions of identifiers. Together, we help brands increase reach and expand first-party data. By recognizing more people, marketers can more effectively target and message users, and grow their total potential revenue.

Simon Data and Full Contact’s partnership is aimed at helping marketers answer the question: “do you know who is visiting your website?” Today, businesses typically use first-party cookies to identify users on their website, meaning those users have to be signed in for marketers to be able to identify them. Due to this, brands end up having much of their web traffic appear anonymous, or unauthenticated, making it hard for marketers to follow up, retarget in an abandonment campaign, and use tailored and personalized marketing based on unique behaviors.

Simon’s strategic partnership with FullContact comes together in Identity+ (ID+), Simon’s native identity resolution product. Integrating FullContact’s identity resolution enables Simon Data to unify all pieces of fragmented customer, prospect, and user data to a real person—then offer a complete, 360-degree view of that individual and how to reach them. Together we allow companies like Bombas and Teepublic to expand and improve the quality their first-party data, then automate and activate it across hundreds of channels.

Expand Audience Reach – Increase your number of targetable users funneled into omnichannel journeys and campaigns.

Grow Abandonment Revenue – Increase your potential revenue by funneling more people into abandonment campaigns.

Increase Paid Media ROI – Send larger audience segments to paid media channels for better lookalike modeling.

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