July 25, 2022
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Simon Data + Agency Partners: A Marketer’s Secret Weapon


Last week, we officially launched the Simon Data Partner Program and we’re so glad to have you following along. Today, we’re taking a deep dive on the Agency Partners side of our program.Agencies are an important part of brands’ teams. For many marketers, their most valuable resource is time, and there are not enough hours in the day or internal resources to be able to meet customers’ expectations in today’s always-on, omnichannel world. A recent 2022 report from Dun & Bradstreet indicates that 8 in 10 companies have at least 5 tools combined in their marketing technology stack, with some companies reporting using 20+. This makes it overly complicated for marketers to execute on both strategy and campaign management. With so many tools to manage, a good agency partner can be the key to making sure your investment in martech is maximized, helping to quickly spin up and execute on effective marketing tactics and campaigns.At Simon Data, we work closely with a best-in-class network of agency partners who are experts in marketing campaigns, strategy, tools and technology, so that our clients can focus on achieving their goals at a high level, while taking advantage of the deep expertise these partnerships bring. As a leading customer data platform, partnering with agencies is essential to making sure marketers use customer data at its full potential in powering omni- and multichannel campaigns. Simon Data’s agency partners empower their clients to leverage customer data to deliver one-to-one personalized customer experiences and drive measurable outcomes. Combined with the industry expertise and implementation oversight from our agency partners, our platform delivers better, more targeted marketing results with less technical effort needed.

How We Win Together

The Simon Data Partner Program works with agency partners like Ragnarok, Scalero, Mammoth Growth and Brooklyn Data Co. because their values and attention to customer experiences align with our own. Together we have winning client solutions in:

  • Data Engineering & Modeling
  • Campaign Development & Execution
  • Email Templating & Content Creation
  • Lifecycle and Social Marketing Strategy Consulting
  • Personalization & Optimization
  • Advanced Analytics & BI Reporting

“We love partnering with Simon Data, because we know they’re just as committed as Brooklyn Data to implementing end-to-end solutions that create value for our clients,” says Scott Breitenother, CEO at Brooklyn Data Co. “Whether it’s data warehouse design or lifecycle marketing campaigns, the Simon Data team is always ready to roll their sleeves up and get the job done!”

Paving a Future with Agency Partners

With a comprehensive program of both Premier and Standard partner tiers, Simon Data is committed to future success with our agency partners, and brands who are looking to move at an accelerated pace and scale. Whether you’re looking for help managing your tech stack, optimizing email campaigns, or creating a better customer journey, Simon Data can work with your existing agencies or recommend new ones who will put your success first."The entire Simon Data team has been second-to-none in supporting Scalero as a partner. We have full confidence in the product that Simon Data provides, which empowers us to give top service to our clients and help them increase their retention metrics through personalization,” says Will Pearson, CEO of Scalero.

Learn More about the Agencies we Partner with

To learn more about Simon’s Partner Program for Agencies, visit this page.If you’re an agency looking to learn more, or have a client interested in CDPs, we want to hear from you! We carefully select our partners carefully so that they may receive the most value from the program while matching the needs of our mutual clients. Upon submitting an application, your dedicated partner manager will meet with you to discuss the best direction of the partnership and put in place a plan for success and growth. Learn more and fill out an application today.

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