Reactivating Subscribers with Campaign Orchestration Case Study | BarkBox + Simon Data

The subscription business model thrives on renewals and reactivations. BARK, a high-growth e-commerce company, and its subscription service, BarkBox, is no different.  Therefore, they needed a partner who could help with unifying their customer data and marketing campaign management. With Simon Data, BARK orchestrated right time right message marketing campaigns to recently unsubscribed customers.

See how Simon helped BARK’s campaign orchestration by: 

  • Automating data pulls and segmentation 
  • Rapidly experiment and iterate on targeted cohorts
  • Optimizing targeting, timing, and messaging

Download this case study to see how BARK leveraged Simon Data’s customer data platform to help with marketing orchestration by targeting recently canceled subscribers with the right message at the right time leading to a 97% lift in year-over-year revenue.

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