Smarter with Simon

Instantly transform data into outstanding marketing outcomes

Too often marketers struggle to turn customer data into actions in a timely manner. Simon CDP gives you the ability to drive faster marketing results from a centralized platform. Let us help you accelerate time-to-value, boost revenue & marketing outcomes, and improve your marketing team efficiency.

Move away from time consuming, manual workflows. Transform your customer marketing into hyper-personalized, cross-channel experiences.

Designed for Speed
With Simon your customer data becomes instantly accessible and available. Our customers see an average of 85% reduction in campaign production times.

Personalized & Omni-Channel
Drive 1-1 communications across all your channels from email, to on-site and support.

Optimized for Revenue
Customers see an average of 591% ROI by deploying Simon.

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Request a Demo.

Don’t let data be a roadblock to marketing’s success. Let Simon help you work smarter, not harder.

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