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Get Your Superhero Portrait at
Shoptalk 2022

Despite turbulent business environments and rapidly changing customer needs, marketers like you have continued to answer the call and come to the rescue for many retail businesses, oftentimes working behind the scenes without recognition. This year at Shoptalk, we wanted to take a minute to celebrate that.

Join us at Booth #11053 where we’ve assembled a team of portrait artists who will work at light speed to create your custom super hero-style portrait, revealing your hidden superpower. 

Swing by #11053 or pre-book an appointment below.


Some of our clients

Move Faster, Work Smarter and Scale Quickly with Simon

Simon Data is the industry-leading Customer Data Platform (CDP) that enables marketers to easily build one-to-one experiences across every channel without the need for an all-in-one-cloud.

Book a meeting with our super squad to find out how Simon can help you:

  • Centralize and unify all your customer data, from any source, to form a single comprehensive profile of each customer
  • Create segments using both artificial intelligence and actual intelligence to get insights and launch campaigns.
  • Build advanced X-channel customer journeys across email, SMS, ads, website notifications, and more - all without relying on engineering resources and regardless of your tech stack.

What's your marketing superpower?

Take the quiz to find out.