Why Lifecycle Marketing is the Key to Sustained Consumer Engagement

The pressure to nail your marketing is higher than ever. Competition is sky-high for the consumer dollar, and savvy customers are growing immune to traditional digital marketing tactics. The key is to focus on quality rather than quantity. However, making the switch is daunting when you have dated practices in place.

So how do you overcome marketing fatigue and deliver content that captures and engages? Customer lifecycle marketing: a mix of marketing strategies that positively influences customer behavior as they move through the marketing cycle.

In our webinar, we demonstrate the power of lifecycle marketing, explain the marketing sandwich, and discuss:

  • New digital marketing best practices that will set you apart
  • The reason for quality over quantity personalization versus truly tailored content
  • Tips for transitioning to lifecycle marketing
  • The role of data in optimizing your lifecycle marketing
  • Common challenges and outcomes from doing lifecycle marketing right


Annie Jalota
Senior CRM Marketing Manager

Danielle Henneberger
Director, Strategic Advisory
Simon Data

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