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Webinar: Infrastructure 2.0

Stack modernization as a driver of growth

Right now, marketers are confronted by two of the biggest challenges they may ever face:

  1. Driving growth in a time of economic contraction
  2. Meeting the rapidly evolving demands of their customer with more constraints than ever before

In order to effectively do either, marketers must modernize their technology stack. At the same time, they must also lower their technology costs, optimize their media spend, and leverage all their data to test hypotheses fast and serve customers well.

“Infrastructure 2.0” is about challenging the way you think about and use your tech stack in order to turn it into a launchpad for unlocking the personalization, agility, and profitability required to grow in this new normal.

Join our webinar with TJ Papp (Kenneth Cole, Nike, Victoria’s Secret) to hear:

  • A behind-the scenes case study. Hear how TJ approached this type of transformation holistically – from the budget down to the tools.
  • Leveraging landscape. Hear key insights around how the crisis is impacting marketing for your peers, and how to use this unprecedented time to create better processes.
  • Pillars for success. We’ll discuss the best practices, components, and alignment necessary to drive successful infrastructural change at an enterprise organization.

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