The Methods and Math Behind Understanding Marketing Channel Performance With Michael Kaminsky, CEO of Recast

Most brands that start on the internet use social media and email as their biggest marketing channels.

And though effective, these channels can become inefficient once these e-commerce brands grow and mature.

That is when companies start moving their marketing efforts to places with a wider audience, such as podcasts, TV, and radio.

However, how can they measure results when they’re using such non-trackable channels?

This question has baffled marketers all around the country (and dare we say, the world?), and this week’s guest has made it his career’s mission to find the answer.

In this week’s episode of Data Unlocked, Jason sits down with Michael Kaminsky, the founder and CEO of Recast.

Michael is a trained econometrician with a background in healthcare and environmental economics.

Before founding Recast, he built the marketing science team at men’s grooming brand Harry’s Grooming.  

Today, he is using his expertise to grow Recast.

Recast is a media measurement platform that helps marketing teams save millions of dollars of wasted advertising budget. They do so through a proprietary measurement model.

In this episode, Michael and Jason discuss how to measure marketing results for non-trackable channels, why Michael started Recast, how to allocate your marketing budget, the importance of upper funnel awareness, and more.

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