The Growth Minded Data Stack: Unlock the Power of a Full Customer 360

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Daasity ELT+ and Simon Data are both built on the Snowflake Data cloud, and together, the trio power data stacks built for consumer brands.


Marketers must approach data with a growth mindset. 

While the data may be dynamic and growing, there are ways to capture insights and to leverage data into customer experiences that drive higher returns with less effort. 

Fundamental to reaching that goal, however, is finding the right tools to build a data stack that’s powerful enough to centralize and cut down time to value, while still being accessible enough for marketers to test, iterate, and run campaigns quickly and easily.

With Daasity and Simon Data, marketers can finally build and test campaigns from end-to-end, starting with their owned data.

Daasity’s ELT+ enables organizations to centralize data from all tools and platforms, gathering insights across the entire org.


ELT, or extract, load, transform, consists of the three major steps required to pull data from a data source.


ELT+, with its extensive list of pre-built connectors, enables brands to centralize and normalize data from all areas of the business. Daasity brings this data within reach to form a single source of truth, facilitate analytics and automated reporting, and then push data downstream to Simon Data’s Customer Data Platform (CDP). 

Simon Data then enables marketers to activate their data and deliver meaningful campaigns downstream that are built off a full 360 degree customer data profile. This cross-channel engagement means customers are receiving the most relevant messaging at the right time and on the right channel in their customer journey. 

But the value of the partnership is enhanced by its foundation on Snowflake and the power it brings to the hands of IT and marketers alike. Snowflake’s best-in-class cloud data warehousing functionality facilitates cost savings on IT and data technology for merchants, and its extraordinary data security protects both merchants and customers.

Marketers understand that great messaging comes from great data, and this growth minded data stack means that teams don’t have to choose between a reliable data pipeline, robust analytics, or seamless CDP functionality.

Additionally, Snowflake turns your data warehouse into a marketing powerhouse, enabling marketing teams instant access to the data they need to create automated and personalized journeys and campaigns without draining IT resources.

The growth-minded data stack includes a commitment to centralizing around the cloud data warehouse as a single source of truth. This is critical, and absolutely necessary for growth-minded companies to lean into if they’re going to decrease time to value and lower acquisition costs. And with platforms powered by the Snowflake data cloud, both Daasity and Simon Data tap directly into data that marketers wouldn’t otherwise be able to access, turning data users into data experts.

In short, this next-gen partnership is the fastest and easiest way to put a true Customer 360 in your marketing team’s hands, and growth-minded companies have a winning solution that will set them apart from competition.

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