The “5 C’s” of Cross-Channel Marketing 

Just because you can call someone, text them, or drive by their house doesn’t mean you should. Am I right? The same is true of cross-channel marketing. Everyone’s doing cross-channel – but how do you know if you’re really nailing it?

You’ve likely heard of the five P’s of marketing. Check out the five C’s of Cross-Channel Marketing –  brought to you by Ragnarok and Simon Data.


1. Cues from Data

More information than ever is available to marketers: take advantage of that bounty! No high-growth company can wait weeks for reports to be delivered to make decisions. Enable your teams to act on results quickly and confidently by leveraging tools like Simon that not only synthesize your results but can also push highly segmented cross-channel messages directly to your customers.


2. Consider What You Really Need

Now, let’s think about what data you actually need to power the experiences you’re trying to enable. Steven, one of the Ragnarok Co-CEOs, says, “many teams have built a model where they’re collecting everything but then find after an audit that nobody was using most of it.” Use case gathering is an essential part of data set up to ensure you’re capturing what you need and forming actionable dashboards. While a deluge of data is at our fingertips, it’s important not to get lost in the flood and focus on what’s essential. This episode of Data Unlocked Podcast can be a big help in fine-tuning your data and turning learnings into actions.


3. Choose the Correct KPI

Do not obsess over the wrong metrics. If your business needs to drive more repeat purchases, open rates aren’t where you should be focused. Yes, opens are one part of the funnel, but it’s not the whole story. We recommend ensuring your channel owners have a view of the entire funnel and where drop-offs occur. Ultimately, all efforts should be traced back to a mission-critical KPI they’re supporting. To ensure you’re learning along the way, create structured learning agendas to focus on how and where you are proving your biggest growth hypotheses. 


4. Cross-Team Communication

Don’t silo your squads- Foster collaboration by building cross-functional pods responsible for achieving shared goals. Create an environment where sharing ideas and acting on them is encouraged by hosting weekly focused brainstorming sessions. Be sure to celebrate wins and even share losses in team forums where everyone can learn together. Simon Data has put together a great post about cross-functional collaboration. 


5. Customer-Focused Mindset

Bolster your data-driven insights and intuition with the voice of the customer! How can you do this quickly? Here are a few tips:

  1. Have a representative from your Customer Success team help steer all big company initiatives. They should be involved early on – not just as a last look before initiatives go live! 
  2. Use surveys to contextualize the data and dig deeper into the drivers of behaviors when you understand the what but not the why.
  3. Leverage your social channels for quick gut checks! You’ll find out in a matter of seconds what they really think.


Thanks for reading. “C” how easy that was? 


About Ragnarok: Handling agency initiatives from cross-channel orchestration (Paid + Organic Social, Email, In-App, Push + SMS) to brand-bespoke creative to full-stack MarTech integrations, Ragnarok is a seasoned group of marketing professionals ready for the work at hand. Boasting a roster featuring prestige brands like A+E Networks, Fortune, CareerBuilder, and more, Ragnarok works with clients of all sizes, effectively realizing their initiatives and delivering products and experiences that make the difference.

About Simon: Simon Data is the industry-leading Customer Data Platform (CDP) that empowers brands to deliver data-driven, personalized customer experiences anywhere. The platform leverages enterprise-scale big data and machine learning to power customer communications in any channel. Simon’s unique approach allows brands like BarkBox, Venmo, The Farmer’s Dog, ASOS, Jet Blue, Tripadvisor, Equinox, and many more to develop and deliver incredible personalization without needing to build and maintain massive, bespoke data infrastructure.


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