Snowflake’s data platform & the future of marketing tech with Christian Kleinerman

A brand is only as good as its data, and that means that if an organization’s data is not accurate, secure, and most importantly, centralized, then their messaging and marketing strategy will not create the results they want to see.

This is why data governance is so crucial. Its first and foremost goal is to keep your data safe and all in one place so that you can see and understand the whole image and not just fragments of it.

In this week’s episode of Data Unlocked, Jason sits down to discuss this more in depth with Christian Kleinerman, SVP of Product at Snowflake.

Christian started his career over a decade ago at one of the biggest names in the market: Microsoft.

From there, he moved on to work at Google as their senior director product manager. Today, he is lending his expertise to Snowflake, one of our biggest partners here at Simon Data. 

Their work is all about the Data Cloud, software that enables organizations to mobilize data with near-unlimited scale, concurrency, and performance.

In this episode, Christian and Jason discuss how hard it is to manage your data when it lives in silos, the importance of data security and governance, how centralizing your data can help you personalize and customize your touch points with customers, and more. 

Are you ready?

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