Simon Mail Year-End Review

It’s always fun to review the past year and marvel at how much time was spent listening to our favorite music, all the places we visited, or how much incredible work we accomplished. For Simon Data, looking back on the successes of 2022 has us excited for what 2023 will bring for our Simon Mail email-sending platform. 

While Simon Mail is almost two years old as a sending platform, 2022 was Simon Mail’s first full calendar year in existence. Though technically still a youngster, the Simon Mail platform has already seen fantastic growth, consistent results, and the addition of powerful tooling that enables marketers to get the most out of an email-sending platform fully integrated with their CDP and first-party data. 

What we’ve been building

When it comes to email success, there is no substitute for accurate insights and powerful orchestration capabilities. Two of the most important features added to Simon Mail in the last year have given senders deep, actionable insights into how their email messaging performs. First, we released our Deliverability Insights tool that allows marketers to quickly identify and triage potential delivery or inboxing problems across the wide array of mailbox providers and across important breakdowns like top campaigns, recipient domains, and even IP pools. These comparisons, combined with simple-to-use data filters, simplify the otherwise complicated processes required to optimize email sending for good deliverability.

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We also saw the addition of Simon Mail’s Content Heat Maps feature this year. While insights into deliverability results help marketers know how to get more mail to the inbox, knowing how content is performing and where in that content recipients spend the most time interacting is crucial for the work of optimizing content for recipient engagement. Simon Mail makes it simple to clearly see what parts of your content resonate most with recipients and which sections do not.

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In addition to meaningful insight into email deliverability and content performance, marketers need tools that make easy work of activating their data for powerful orchestration. Simon Mail’s most recent feature addition gives marketers a tool in our Deliverability Dataset feature. Inside Simon Data’s powerful segmentation tool, Simon Mail senders have access to an array of pre-configured deliverability-specific data points that can be used in conjunction with any number of first-party data points to make sure the recipients being targeted for email are engaged recipients and not risk to deliverability. Data points like unique open rate, last delivered or last opened dates, total delivered or opened messages, and even how many open events were related to Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection work to make Simon Mail’s segmentation and orchestration capabilities a powerful engine for great deliverability.

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2022 and Deliverability

All email-sending platforms claim to have great deliverability, but what does that even mean? When we at Simon Data talk about deliverability, we mean the ability for senders to not only have their messages accepted by mailbox providers but get those messages placed in recipients’ inboxes. Over the past year, Simon Mail has proven successful at just that. This success is largely because of the tooling we give senders to empower more accurate targeting and message orchestration. But the proof isn’t in the tooling…it’s in the pudding?

In terms of deliverability proof pudding, here are the numbers for 2022 thus far:

  • Simon Mail has delivered over 1.3 billion messages with a delivery rate of over 99%.
  • All Simon Mail senders combined for a unique open rate (opened messages/delivered messages) of 50%.
  • As a platform, Simon Mail’s Unique Open Rate, which is adjusted for pre-fetched open events like those generated by Apple’s Mail Privacy Protection, was over 9.4%.
  • Finally, the unique click rate (messages clicked/messages delivered) for all of Simon Mail thus far in 2022 is over 1.4%.

While there is no single metric that defines good deliverability, these numbers show that senders using Simon Mail in 2022 were able to get their messages successfully in front of the right recipients to drive engagement and marketing success. 

Black Friday and Cyber Monday

Good overall deliverability results for a year are great, but great results across the busiest email-sending days of the year truly demonstrate a platform’s ability to deliver messages to recipients’ inboxes. Simon Mail’s Black Friday/Cyber Monday sending period did just this. 

Between November 22 and November 29, Simon Mail:

  • Delivered over 65 million messages with a 99% delivery rate.
  • Generated a unique open rate of over 45.7%.
  • Generated an adjusted unique open rate of over 6.6%.
  • Saw a unique click rate of 1%.

Simon Mail users could focus on the important work of messaging subscribers and customers rather than worrying about delivery or inboxing challenges often seen during this time of year.

Deliverability Services

With powerful tooling for deliverability comes opportunities for Simon Mail senders to employ deliverability strategies that once seemed too complex or cumbersome to implement. Simon Data not only gives senders the tools they need to simplify the work of deliverability but also provides the opportunity to engage our Expert Deliverability Services to ensure they are using those tools to their maximum potential. 

Through tactics like contact engagement scoring, mailbox-provider-specific sunsetting strategies, and the integration of first-party conversion data into deliverability reporting, Simon Mail senders engaging with our Deliverability Services saw stellar results during the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sending period. When compared to the entirety of Simon Mail’s sending over that time period, senders utilizing Simon’s Deliverability Services saw roughly:

  • 7% higher unique open rates
  • 2.5% higher adjusted unique open rates
  • 1.5% higher click rates

If you are already a Simon Mail sender and want more information on how our expert services can help you maximize the amount of email you deliver to recipients’ inboxes, contact your account manager.

Looking Forward

Over the course of 2023, we will continue adding to the tooling that enables senders to make sense of email deliverability and invest more time into maximizing marketing efforts. To learn more about Simon Data and Simon Mail, request a demo today and make 2023 a breakthrough year for your email marketing.

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