Simon Data raises $54M and launches the first connected CDP

The future of customer data is connected

Today, we’re excited to announce that we’ve raised $54M in funding, led by Macquarie Capital with participation from all major existing investors, including Polaris, .406, and F-Prime.

This funding round comes on the heels of our launch of Connected Segmentation, a groundbreaking tool that empowers marketers – regardless of technical acumen – to build customer segments directly within Snowflake. But, Connected Segmentation is just the start. This investment will supercharge our product development with other cloud data warehouse providers and enable us to offer a fully-connected CDP deployment to all major enterprises – regardless of cloud data infrastructure.

 “Simon Data enables us to deeply connect with our users in more profound ways. We’ve experienced a 300 percent increase in free-trial conversions over the last several years, which is a testament to Simon Data’s ability to individualize and elevate our customer communications. Solutions like Connected Segmentation empower the marketing team to quickly build segments and deliver personalized messages that consistently resonate.”

Scott Grove, Vice President of Marketing Operations, Vimeo

The future of Customer Data is Connected

The problem with traditional CDP architectures is that customer data is replicated multiple times as it moves across data centers and marketing end channels. This movement is outside the centralization and security standards set by the cloud data warehouse, and also creates tremendous workflow inefficiencies for both tech and marketing teams. 

With Simon Data’s Connected CDP, marketers access customer data directly within the cloud data warehouse (like Snowflake), build complex customer segments and easily activate them in end channels, all while the resulting data is transmitted back on a continuous loop between marketing channels and the data warehouse. We call this the “Connected CDP” because enterprises enjoy the benefits of using a CDW for their data infrastructure, while deploying a workflow and UI custom-built for marketing teams.

This new, Connected CDP architecture captures the centralization and security benefits of the cloud data warehouse while building workflows specific for marketers.

Onward and upwards from our CEO

“We’re seeing a fundamental shift in the CDP space – pitting packaged solutions that exist independently of enterprise cloud data warehouses against composable solutions that are purpose-built to unlock its potential. Simon’s unique architecture enables our customers with a marketer friendly-UI typical of packaged CDPs, while at the same time offering the composability benefits of reverse ETL tools. With this investment, we are furthering our commitment to solving the data and marketing divide, and cementing our position as leaders in modern, warehouse-native customer data activation and personalization.”

Jason Davis, CEO and Co-Founder of Simon Data

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