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Simon Data Launches Simon Activate, Transforming Cloud Data Platforms from a Business Intelligence Tool to a Marketing Powerhouse

Today, we’re announcing the launch of Simon Activate, a solution that gives marketing teams the ability to quickly and easily build advanced custom audiences by unifying customer data from their Cloud Data Warehouse (CDW) along with additional sources. While traditional CDPs require a high degree of data and integration resourcing to see value, Simon Activate’s unique approach enables companies to create an actionable 360-degree customer view in days or weeks. The result is a solution that marketing teams can rely on for data-driven optimization of customer acquisition costs, lifetime value, and more to help drive faster revenue growth.

Companies are storing increasingly large amounts of data in their data warehouses and data lakes, but today’s marketing tools have legacy architecture that cannot integrate with or leverage data in a CDW. Simon Activate is purpose-built for the Cloud Data Warehouse and uses zero-ETL technology to offer an accessible and transparent data architecture. Unlike other solutions, Simon Activate is not limited to warehouse data for audience-building, and the identity resolution capabilities of Simon’s CDP allows users to combine data from their other sources into single, complete customer profiles. Its intuitive, marketer-friendly UI makes it simple to create hyper-targeted customer segments from a large volume of data to power and improve the performance of campaigns across their top channels.

“It was a deliberate decision to build Simon Activate on Snowflake and the greatest benefit we’ve seen is that it has allowed us to better integrate with CDWs in a way other CDPs/Martech tools that were built on legacy architecture cannot,” said Jason Davis, CEO, and founder of Simon Data. “Additionally, it has allowed us to build new products, such as Simon Activate, at speed as new customer needs and pain points arise.”

“Simon Data’s mission aligns with where we see the modern marketing data stack heading,” said Denise Persson, Chief Marketing Officer at Snowflake. “In 2023, marketers will face even more pressure to achieve higher ROI and deliver better customer experiences. It is critical to build a solid data foundation for your marketing engine. Simon Activate, Powered by Snowflake, provides simple, powerful capabilities that demonstrate what building your marketing stack on the Snowflake Data Cloud can unlock for joint customers.”

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How ASOS Activates Data

Simon Activate allows leading online fashion destination, ASOS, to create and send advanced segments to its marketing cloud that it otherwise could not have. Simon integrates with multiple third-party vendors to combine previously-siloed data, provide a single view of each customer and incrementally increase revenue.

“Simon Activate’s entire toolchain is seamless, purpose-built, and equips our marketing team with a complete and accurate customer 360,” said Ashley Fisher, Head of Technology, ASOS. “Simon Data’s Snowflake architecture has transformed our ability to deploy targeted marketing campaigns by allowing our marketers to launch campaigns in a matter of minutes. Now our overall program is more segmented, more personalized, and ultimately, much higher performing than that of our existing legacy architecture.”

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